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How to Full Install and Configure Laravel on Digitalocean

How to Full Install and Configure Laravel on Digitalocean – Brilliansolution. Laravel is an open source PHP framework that provides a set of tools and resources to build modern PHP applications. With a complete ecosystem leveraging its built-in features, Laravel’s popularity has grown rapidly in the past few years, with many developers adopting it as their framework of choice for a streamlined development...

How to Use Laravel Nova Field Dependency Container

How to Use Laravel Nova Field Dependency Container – Brilliansolution. A new menu item called “Permissions & Roles” will appear in your Nova app after installing this package. Installation Instructions Installation Install through composer: composer require epartment/nova-dependency-container Readme Nova Field Dependency Container Description A container for grouping fields that depend on other field values. Dependencies can be set on any field...

How to Use Laravel Nova Excel

How to Use Laravel Nova Excel. This package you can use Laravel Nova Excel. Installation Instructions 💡 Require this package in the composer.json of your Laravel project. This will download the package and Laravel-Excel. 💪 Go to your resource. As example we’ll use the app/Nova/User.php. Add DownloadExcel action to your actions() list. ? Go to your resource in your Nova admin panel, select all or some users...

How to Use Laravel Nova Search Relations

How to Use Laravel Nova Search Relations. This package allows you to include relationship columns into Laravel Nova search query use novapackages. Searchable Columns To define which resource fields are searchable, you may assign an array of database columns to the search property of your resource class. This array includes the id column by default: Full-Text Indexes Typically, Nova searches your database columns using...

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