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“A QR code consists of black dots and white spaces arranged in a box, and each element has its own meaning “

QR Code Parts

According to the QR Code Generator, there are seven main parts of a QR code that have their respective meanings and important roles, namely:

  1. Positioning Detection Markers

The positioning detection makers are in the corner of the QR code. The shape is a box and there are three in number.

Its function is to ensure that the scanner is able to read the code quickly and know the orientation or position of the code.

  1. Alignment Marking

These markers have the same shape, but are smaller in size than position detention markers.

Alignment marking serves to maintain the surface of the QR code even though it is printed on a curved surface.

The more data stored in the QR code, the larger the size. The number could be more.

  1. Timing Pattern

The timing pattern in a QR code is a section that looks like a line of little squares. This pattern works for grid data configuration.

With the timing pattern, the QR code scanner is able to find out how big the data matrix is.

  1. Version Information

Version information is the part that provides information on the version of the QR code. There are 40 different types of QR codes.

With this sign, the scanner can find out which version of the QR code is being scanned. Generally, versions 1 through 7 are the most commonly used.

  1. Format Information

This section of the QR code is the section that describes the error tolerance and data mask pattern. So that the scanner can more easily scan the QR code to display the data it contains to the user.

  1. Data and Error Correction Keys

This area of ​​the QR code is important in the code structure because it is the place where all the data is stored.

This section also includes an error correction block that keeps data scannable even if the code is corrupted by as much as 30%.

  1. Quiet Zone

This section is the blank area that is in the outer area of ​​the QR code, like white space in the design. The function emphasizes the structure and makes it easier to scan.

A quiet zone must exist to separate the QR code from the surrounding environment so that the scanner can recognize it without difficulty. Although empty, this area is a vital part of a QR code.

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Static QR Code Function

This type is a type of QR code that cannot be changed or replaced once it is created. Information that has been created cannot be replaced.

This type of QR code is appropriate for personal use and the QR Code API, which is an application to generate large amounts of code, such as for employee IDs, technical product documentation, and others.

Some aspects of using static QR codes include:


By using a QR code we can access Wi-Fi more easily than before because we don’t have to enter a password.

To connect, we only need to scan the QR code and we will be directly connected to Wi-Fi which is already available.

b. Plain Text

Plain text is information in the form of text that gives us data on something.

As previously explained, QR codes can store up to 4289 characters. This allows us to write the information in the existing QR code.

c. vCard

To make a business card in a QR code, you can save the design results into a digital design and store the information in the QR code.

Furthermore, the person who scans the QR code will be given complete information about the business card information that we provide in the form of a design.

d. E-mail

Same way it works with plain text. With a QR code, you can also store data that includes e-mail, phone numbers, and other information.

Dynamic QR Code Function

What this means is that a dynamic QR code is a type of code that can be changed, updated, and updated as many times as needed.

This type of QR code is suitable for business and marketing. The data in dynamic QR is not stored directly in the QR code, but is redirected to a URL specified in the code.

Some aspects of using dynamic QR codes include:

a. Payment

Payments can be made with a QR code as long as the QR code scan feature is available. Just bring your smartphone and the balance in the application, you can make contactless payments with the cashier.

b. Social media

Information from social media ranging from Instagram, Facebook, business WhatsApp, Telegram, and others with one QR code.

c. Business Website

Some business places provide menus via QR codes. For example a restaurant, to find out the food menu, you have to scan a QR code.

After scanning, you will be taken to a website or page that shows the complete menu of the restaurant.

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