Top 10 Laravel Development Company In The US and Canada

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Top 10 Laravel Development Company In The US and Canada. Despite the saying “ do n’t judge a book by its cover, ” that seems to be with websites. utmost spots are judged for their functionality, usability, and performance within the first three seconds. This is one of the numerous reasons businesses outsource their web development systems.

Laravel Development Company

PHP and primarily Laravel are dominating the open- source request for web development systems. At least 60k million active websites were developed using Laravel. The structured development, complete syntax, and model- view- regulator armature are reasons the frame is gaining fashionability.
Still, you need to consult with a reputed Laravel development company that can do justice to your requirements, If you want to stand out with your beautiful and functionally motivated Laravel website.

The question then’s –
How do you do that?

How can you find an applicable company for your business website?
Our platoon went through several companies and delved their data in- depth to curate a list of the top 10 Laravel development companies across the US and Canada. Our data miners sat with the company data, looked through their portfolios, and did a lot of secondary exploration before coming out with this list.

With their experience and moxie, these companies offer exquisite Laravel development results.
Are you ready to check out the names of these companies? Here Laravel Development Company In The US and Canada:


5 Top Laravel Development Companies in Canada

We have created a comparison table based on their offered services and location in Canada.

1. Monocubed

Monocubed is a custom software development company that specializes in Laravel technology. The company was innovated with a core charge to support the website pretensions of small and medium businesses. We deliver high- performance and stoner-friendly websites for different diligence encyclopedically.

Being the stylish Laravel development agency, we offer secure websites that are flexible and scalable. With accelerated time- to- request and flawless gests , we insure your website garners maximum traction and visibility.

Monocubed assures trustability and data security through well- scanned processes. piecemeal from web operation development, we also offer custom web results, Laravel pall integration, and migration services.

Some of our stylish website development include InvoiceOwl, Renovs, and FieldCamp. piecemeal from these systems, Monocubed has also worked with top companies similar as Atles Revelry, Cornell Malone Corp, and Sayyar trading.

Being a leading web operation development company, Monocubed takes the discovery- figure- test- maintain route to produce unique and high- quality websites. We also offer technology consulting for businesses that warrant tech understanding or knowledge.

Contact InfoPhone: + 1(437) 488-7337
Year of Establishment2019
Hourly Rate$50 – $99
Min Project Size$10,000+
ServersSmall Business, Mid-level Business, Enterprise

2. MapleBrains

MapleBrains is a custom web development company that helps you restate the idea into a well- defined web operation. The company has over 19 times of experience delivering flawless and existential future- centric operations using current technologies and fabrics.

The company has set its vestiges in over ten countries and has fulfilled 5000 systems. They’ve managed to deliver results for a wide range of diligence. The company offers pall computing, mobile operation development services, and Laravel web development services.
They give a security-first result, making them dependable and trusted. Many diligence they’ve served in the history include healthcare, retail, logistics, and eCommerce. RedBull, Fly Dubai, Gshock, and other reputed brands are their significant guests.

3. Paperleaf

Paperleaf is an expert web app development establishment that offers custom digital products aligned to your business pretensions using Laravel technology. As one of the expert Laravel development companies, they offer nimble, iterative, and results- driven websites. The custom software results aim to ameliorate your bottom lines while enhancing business effectiveness.

They offer operation discovery, hosting, support services, and mobile and website development results. The company has created 85 digital products since its commencement in 2009. Paperleaf has impacted the lives of nearly 15 million guests.
Paperleaf uses the good old combination of exploration, collaboration, and discovery to produce products that help you convert better. They offer mobile operation development support forre-engineering and new systems. Paperleaf also helps with integration systems and support & conservation.

The top guests for the business include Canadian Automobile Association, choices Alberta, SurveyMonkey, and Alberta Distance Learning Center.

4. Iversoft

Iversoft Innovated in 2009, the company is a mobile-first technology results provider. Iversoft empowers businesses with visually appealing web and mobile development. With their proficiency in Laravel and PHP development, the company offers stunning, well- enciphered, high- performance websites that attract accessions.

The company has a solid understanding of API integration, which, combined with clear coding, allows clean and flawless web results. Iversoft is largely attracted by challenging and complex design conditions. This company has delivered a flawless website for a calculation storytime operation. They’ve also worked on an automatic shift fill operation.
To date, Iversoft has worked on further than 250 systems. Their top guests include Bell, Audi, Ericsson, and Health Canada.

piecemeal from creating positive gests as a Laravel operation development company, Iversoft also ensures that they’re affordable and effective for the companies.

5. 247 Labs

This Canada- grounded Laravel development company offers both web and mobile app development results. They’re also complete with eCommerce services. piecemeal from product development, 247 Labs also give product operation and support services.

With over 9 times of experience in the web operation member, they’ve created award- winning results for numerous diligence, including healthcare, finance, and education. They feed to the unique requirements expressed by both startups and enterprises. They’ve lately gathered moxie in AI and Machine literacy, which has helped them hoist the app gests .
With a largely scalable platoon and top- notch stoner experience specialists, the platoon offers unequaled results and quicker time- to- request. The crucial guests for this company include Motorola, Rogers Communication, Johnson & Johnson, Davis and Henderson, and The Paul Getty. They’ve an exceptional design operation process that makes deliveries fast and smooth.

Top 5 In The US

Here, we have compared the top 5 Laravel development companies in the USA based on their offered core services and location. Check the below table for a quick comparison.

1. RocketBuild

Innovated in 2014, RocketBuild is one of the top web development companies concentrated on Laravel technology. This Laravel web development company offers astral results to businesses across the globe. The inventors unleash custom results that ameliorate brand character with an in- depth understanding of product engineering and design and apparent coding moxie.

The crucial guests for the company include Aunt Millie’s, Hydro- gear, Jasper Furniture, Purdue University, and USA Football. They’re a results- driven company that exceeds prospects by offering the stylish possible results.
This is one of the finest UX- led web development companies. A cooperative trouble from strategies, contrivers, stoner- experience generators, and inventors leads to creating one of the finest web results for your business.

The company is a full- service agency that takes care of after- launch support. RocketBuild also helps you with styles to boost visibility for your business. With affordable pricing and onshore vacuity, RocketBuild makes collaboration fun and hassle-free.

2. Techticsolution

Techtic results was innovated in 2009 to offer tech- expertise coffers to meet unique design demands. It was born out of the need to reduce the resource charges that most businesses experience when they plan to develop operations in- house.

The company offers web and mobile app development results to startups and enterprises. Their mantra is to be prepared for the future while furnishing able results for the present.
This is an innovative, largely complete, and effective Laravel website development company. With their platoon of strategists, Laravel inventors, and contrivers, they give best-fit results that meet your unique business pretensions. Their unequaled experience combined with assiduity knowledge helps them convert challenges into well- defined results. They continuously upgrade their coffers and systems to meet the new- age demands. Top clientele for the company includes names like Skid, Aghora, MyBabyQs, and WeeFlicks.

3. ActiveLogic

ActiveLogic is a full- mound web, mobile, and software development company with 100 onshore inventors on the platoon. This company promises to offer high- performance, secure and dependable results at par with your requirements to put you at the helm of the competition.

ActiveLogic scales as per the requirements of the result. Their platoon strength is flexible to meet your design conditions, whether a one- time or an ongoing design.

They’re equipped with the right tools and coffers to convert your idea into empowering digital products. This Laravel development company has a wholly defined process that begins with discovering your requirements and moves to relating the technology.

Well- clued with current technologies similar as IoT, AI, and Data Analytics allows the company to produce websites that reap maximum benefits. Top guests for this company include Bernstein- Rein, Pacific Aviation, Summit Financial, Ace Hardware, and Sandbox Agency.

4. HighlandSolutions

A largely famed Laravel development company, Highlandsolutions, offers custom web and mobile app development services to a wide range of companies encyclopedically. As a provider of technology results since 1999, this company takes the exploration- figure- test route to deliver quality results in the request.

The company’s charge is to develop software results that drive value to your business. They offer full- scale services that include discussion, design, and conservation to startups and enterprises encyclopedically. With this software development company, you get a go- to- request strategy, scalable coffers, and an educated platoon that can convert your vision into a website. The company has worked across different diligence ranging from healthcare to finance and retail.

Thrivent Financial, Make-a-wish foundation, McGraw- Hill, and American Marketing Association are some of the guests of this company.

5. Appingine

Appingine is a leading software development company specializing in mobile and web operation development. They’re famed for combining specialized and artificial moxie to offer well- defined and functional results.

Being a Laravel app development company, you can anticipate a devoted platoon, cooperative sweats, and proven methodologies that restate your vision into a website. They mate with companies of all sizes, from startups to large- scale enterprises.
Some of their crucial clientele include Uncommon Good, True Auto, Fitvate, and Aldi. As part of their Laravel web development services, the company offers custom web operation development, eCommerce development, and website conservation.

Appingine combines ultramodern technologies with a hint of creative designs to increase the performance and stoner experience. piecemeal from the website development, the company also offers sound marketing results to help foster your visibility.


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