Laravel 10 Tutorial #1 : New Features in Laravel 10


Laravel 10 Tutorial #1 : New Features in Laravel 10 – Brilliansolution.

Hello friends, on February 14, 2023, Laravel officially released the latest version of the framework , namely 10.x.x. In this latest version, the Laravel team provides several new features and the removal of some functions that are no longer needed.

And in this article, we will all learn to implement Laravel 10 to create simple CRUD projects along with uploading images.

But before we go any further in implementing the project , it would be better for us to know in advance what features will be present in Laravel 10 .

Before Laravel 9 , Laravel versions were usually updated twice a year (once every 6 months). And since the release of Laravel 9 , the Laravel team began to change the release policy from twice a year to once a year, namely in February.

Additional information for friends who are just starting to learn Laravel , don’t worry too much when Laravel quickly changes versions, because basically there are no significant differences in it. Usually only feature additions.

The problem is that many friends who are just learning Laravel complain and complain like this:

  • Learning Laravel 9 isn’t finished yet, eh…now version 10 is out😂 🤣.
  • I just learned Laravel 9😂.
  • I’m sorry, I’m just learning Laravel, which version is better to learn?🤔.
  • Just started learning Laravel 8🙄
  • And so forth.

We continue. What are the features and changes in Laravel 10 ? Here’s an explanation.


1. PHP Version Support in Laravel 10

Yes, that’s right, now to start using Laravel 10 you must have at least a PHP version 8.1.xand PHP versions 8.0.xare no longer supported.

2. More Interactive Display of Artisan Commands

In Laravel 10 , the display of artisan commands will become more interactive.

For example, when we run a command make:modeland forget to provide parameters name from the Model , instead of displaying an error message , Laravel will display a choice of options, which are more or less like the following.

3. The method dispatchNow()is removed

Methods dispatchNow() are a feature that is usually used to handle a job in Laravel and has now been removed and replaced with methods dispatchSync() .

Friends can see it in detail in the pull request on GitHub below

4. Libraries doctrine/dbalare no longer needed

Yep, in previous Laravel when we wanted to change a field /column in migration , we had to install an additional library , namely . And now in Laravel 10 we don’t spawn that anymore, because by default Laravel can do it.

5. Removed Lists Method

The Laravel team will remove several methods that were not used in the previous Laravel (9). And if friends want to upgrade from version 9 to 10 , then this needs attention.

Here are some methods that will be removed in Laravel 10 .

6. Properties $datesin the Model are deleted

In Laravel 10 the properties $datesin the Model will be removed and replaced with Eloquent $casts . Here’s an example.

protected$casts = [
	'email_verified_at' => 'datetime',

7. The welcome screen display changes

In Laravel 10 , the welcome screen when successfully installing Laravel has now changed. More or less like the following.

8. Bug Hunt $1,000😱

Taylor Otwel as the creator of Laravel made a tweet on Twitter about Bug Hunt in Laravel 10 . Anyone who can fix a bug , will get a prize$1,000.

Oops, but not all bugs can get these prizes, here are some rules that friends should know.

  • Only PRs ( pull requests ) sent to branches 10.x of the laravel/framework repository are eligible.
  • Only “ ” bug fixes trueare accepted. New features, refactoring, or typo fixes will not be counted.
  • Every bug fix must include a test.
  • Accepted bug fixes will be labeled , and a random winner will be selected at the end of the contest.

That’s more or less the new features in Laravel 10 and this article will be updated if new features are added in the future.

And in the following articles, we will all learn about the Laravel 10 implementation for creating simple CRUD applications step by step.

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