How to Split Laravel Routes : This is The Solution!

How to Split Laravel Routes. If you are working with a huge Laravel project, at some point you will have a bloated web.php or api.php file with lots of routes, Although this works fine, but you may want to organize your route files better by splitting the routes of separate concerns into their individual file.

How to Split Laravel Routes

From Laravel, by default like this.


To define routes for your package, simply require the routes file from within your package service provider’s boot method. From within your routes file, you may use the Route facade to register routes just as you would within a typical Laravel application:

/** * Perform post-registration booting of services. * * @return void */public function boot(){    if (! $this->app->routesAreCached()) {        require __DIR__.'/../../routes.php';    }}

Best Simple Solution How to Split Laravel Routes

Here is the simplest way I have found in which you can organize / split your route file entries.

If you want a separate prefix for the route files which are in another file.

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open Laravel routes in routes/web.php. We will see Laravel code like this:

//web.php file

// routes/web/adminRoutes.php
Route::get('client/send', 'AdminControllerController@clientShow');
Route::post('client/send', 'AdminController@clientSend');


If you don’t want a route prefix, you can can pass an empty array as first parameter to the group method itself.

//web.php file
Route::group([], __DIR__.'/web/adminRoutes.php');

// routes/web/adminRoutes.php
Route::get('client/send', 'AdminControllerController@clientShow');
Route::post('client/send', 'AdminController@clientSend');

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