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Tutorial Leaflet – Polyline and Polygon

Tutorial Leaflet – Polyline and Polygon – Brilliansolution. In the former chapter, we learnt how to add colorful shapes similar as circles, polygons, blocks, polylines, etc. In this chapter, let us bandy how to addmulti-polygons, multirectangles, and polylines. Multi-Polyline To draw a multi-polyline overlay on a chart using Leaflet JavaScript library, follow the way given below − Step 5 − Create...

Tutorial Leaflet Expert – Leaflet GeoJson

Represents a GeoJSON object or an array of GeoJSON objects. Allows you to parse GeoJSON data and display it on the map. Extends FeatureGroup. first, create file data.js add file js into html last, add this script into your js Creation Factory Description L.geoJSON(<Object> geojson?, <GeoJSON options> options?) Creates a GeoJSON layer. Optionally accepts an object in GeoJSON format to display on the map (you can...

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